The Association of Malaysian Hauliers or better known as AMH among the industry players was incorporated and registered on 25th September 2002. With the current membership above 100 haulier company members , the Association is open for memberships to any companies which operates the container haulage business . in short its membership is open to any companies that has been granted the KA license previously by LPKP i.e the commercial vehicles licensing board and now under the jurisdiction of SPAD .


The Association is currently headed by the President Encik Nazari Hj Akhbar for the current year term 2015 – 2017 .The President is also being assisted by 12 other council members elected during the respective meeting. The Association has been actively involved in various dialogues and forums with both the Government and private sectors. The Association has been very active and sat as members for various councils and task force to ensure the Container Haulage Industry is well taken care of. Among other the Association are member of the various Logistics Council and Trade Facilitation Councils spearheaded by both the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of International Trade and Industry . The Association is also a member of the various other task force such as the Various Ports Consultative Councils , The National Single Window task force , The Trading Cross Border Task Force , The Focus Group for Land Transport , The National Road Safety Council , the consultative committee at the Ministry of Transport etc.


To enhance the utilization of road container haulage and promote the concept of containerization in Malaysia

To develop and encourage efficient container haulage Management

To safeguard members interest with particular reference to Legal Matter as well as any other issues relating to container Haulage Industry


To represent, advice and to
support haulage transporters.


To have a safe, reliable,  efficient, professional,
environmentally-friendly haulage industry.


Every credible association comprises of a strong backbone structure, and we are no stranger to that. Comprising of Exco members from all 3 regions (Northern, Central, & Southern), we strive to be one of the best serving organizations in Malaysia.


Serving over 146 (and counting) registered Haulier companies, we continue to instill integrity among our members, regardless of their position in the Association, for the betterment of the industry as a whole.


With experienced companies in our roster, it is of no surprise that we hold the largest network of Hauliers in the country.

No. Position Nomination
1 President Mr. Soo Chee Yeong
2 Deputy Mr. R. Vissnu
3 Vice President 1 Mr. Thomas Ramadas
4 Vice President 2 Tuan Haji Dzulfariqh
5 Hon. Secretary Mr. Dominic Navin Martin
6 Hon. Treasurer Ms. Chong Hing Pheng
7 Council Member Mr. Percival Stanley
8 Council Member Mr. Tee Wah Meng
9 Council Member Mr. Marcus Lim
10 Council Member Mr. Law Kok Voon
11 Council Member Mr. Syed Abdul Rahim
12 Council Member Mr. Mohd Rezil Bakar
13 Council Member Mr. Steven Liew
14 Council Member Mr. Mohan
15 Council Member Mr. Eric Tan
16 Council Member Ms. Lim Bee Kuan
17 Council Member Mr. Daniel Ang
18 Council Member Mr. Ong Dian Hooi
19 Southern Region Chairman En. Shahrilnizam Shahrum
20 Northern Region Chairman Mr. Amaiappa
21 Eastern Region Chairman Mr. Rishinsa Yusof


As the new President of the Association I would, first of all like to relay my appreciation and thanks to all our members for giving me the mandate to lead the Association for the current terms period.


As I have always mentioned in all our earlier meetings, the post of President is not to be taken as a privilege but rather a responsibility that needs to be taken by any person holding the post with full commitment. My sincere hope is that all members will also work together with me over the years to resolve whatever issues and challenges that the haulage industry will face.


We must remember that  these challenges that we will face can only be resolved through  solidarity and cooperation among all members . I need not stress all the issues that we are currently facing, as I am very sure members are also aware of it, but one thing for sure I plan to prioritized all these issues into  several categories for me and the council members to look at seriously. I have already met up with a number of our members including those from the Northern and Southern region and have now got some feedbacks on the issues on the ground nation wide.


Lastly, as the new President of the Association, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members who have contributed to the Association and hope will continue to assists and support me and my new team of council members.


Thank you.


Yours truly,



Association of Malaysian Hauliers