We at AMH are inclined to providing the best for our associates, by providing value added services and guidance. Associates have a chance to expand their businesses with a coherent structure that comprises top leaders in the industry.

We believe that every associate deserves an extensive network as well as a well-established structure for their business for a long-term success rate as well as a solid business model.


All issues related to the haulage industry will be taken up by the Association through various work group meetings/functions/dialogue program. The Association are represented in the various Government and Non Government focus groups that are associated with the logistics sector.


Members of the Association have the opportunity to meet the industry leaders to share a large network as well as share information amongst themselves. This network will directly help the newer members to further expand their businesses in the right direction and with a clearer vision on the industry requirements, standard operation procedures and etc.


Members of AMH will enjoy the privilege of getting credit facility for the DGC charges imposed by the MT Depots. Currently non AMH members has to pay cash upfront before being allowed to enter these MT Depots.


The Association has come up with the Standard Condition of Carriage which was used by its members to guide them on all matters pertaining to its operational policies and SOP. The AMH condition  of Carriage has also been registered under the copy right act and  the Association has now come up with its latest version to further strengthened the loose clauses which gives members better protection from any legal proceedings especially with relate to the liability clauses.


The Association also provides various reports and information very much related to the industry from time to time. Members are also entitled to the various trainings, briefings and also dialogue sessions which provides latest updated information and training skills programs.

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